Facials In Massapequa, NY

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and must be taken care of to remain to look healthy and youthful. At Massapequa Dermatology, PLLC In Massapequa, NYexfoliates, cleanses, and nourishes the skin of men and women. Facials in Massapequa, NY help make the skin soft, bright, and most importantly healthy. 

Benefits of a Facial

A facial is a skin treatment that removes dead skin, cleanses the pores, and treats skin issues, including wrinkles, dark circles, and acne. This effective treatment from our board-certified dermatologist generates smoother and fuller skin and improves your overall appearance. There are many benefits of getting facials in Trinity, and New Port Richey, FL, including: 

  • Stress reliever: Stress oftentimes manifests in your face. This can result in inflammation, acne, sagging, or dark circles from sleep problems. During your facial, there is a massage that helps reduce anxiety and relieves tension in the jaw or temples. 
  • Anti-aging benefits: A facial stimulates cells to reduce signs of aging, including age spots, wrinkles, or sun damage. This improves the texture of your skin and regenerates collagen production. This increases blood flow, which also helps regenerate new skin cells and gives your face more color, which reduces the signs of aging. 
  • Detoxify the skin: This deep cleaning removes any buildup of dirt, oil, or toxins from the skin. Exfoliation removes dead skin and helps to unclog your pores, which allows vitamins, retinoids, or collagen to absorb easily into your skin. What results is a youthful glow after your facial. 

What Happens During A Facial?

There are several steps to facials at Massapequa Dermatology, PLLC in Massapequa, NY: 

  1. Consultation: Before your facial begins, Dr. Johnson will ask you questions about your diet, the medications you take, and the skincare you use. 
  2. Cleanse: Our dermatology will place a wrap on your body to protect your clothes before beginning to cleanse your skin. The cleaning solution used depends on your skin type. 
  3. Exfoliate: This removes dead skin cells to help with cell regeneration. 
  4. Extraction: Special instruments are used to remove any whiteheads or blackheads from the skin. 
  5. Mask: After a mask is applied, our dermatologist may give you a scalp or neck massage to help you relax. 
  6. Hydrate: After the mask is removed, we will apply a moisturizer or serum to hydrate your skin. 
  7. Recommendations: Before your facial is finished, our dermatologist will give you professional recommendations on the best skincare products to use at home. 

If you’re interested in learning how facials in Massapequa Dermatology, PLLC In Massapequa, NY can improve how your skin looks. To schedule a facial, call our office at (516) 799-1600 today. 

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